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Who Am I?



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my name is michael. im the dude that started this site. after visiting a bunch of sites i totally didnt jibe with, i decided to start my own. it would be a basic forum- a place for people to post whatever they wanted on the subject. it doesnt even have to be about 1111. its just about talking it out.
i first started seeing 11:11 as a teen. it went on for about a year and i found it odd. it never quite blew me away. eventually it stopped. i started seeing them again around 2000. it wasnt just on the clock anymore and i truly believed there was now more to it than coincidence. this time i was truly floored.
one day i plugged 11:11 into google and hit search and things would never be the same. i was disappointed in what i saw- a bunch of what i considered charlatans. i would read their message boards and see all these people posting. they seemed bummed out, having to go to these places to post. they didnt buy the rhetoric, but where else to go? so i thought- why not start an open forum on the topic- an anything goes message board?
so i did.
thanx for dropping by. good luck in your search. be calm and be well :)
michael :) 

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i luv tracie

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